How to Survive the Zombie apocalypse and save the world.

Do you think Zombies are fiction and things we see only in movies and Television shows or on YouTube. What I am about to tell you might scare you a little and if you have a weak heart I think you should refrain now from reading further. Our world has been more connected than ever, just like it was during World War I. People travelled all over the world but most of us were at war when the Spanish flu broke out. It was almost impossible to contain the flu and humanity had almost lost. 1/4th of the population was wiped out during this pandemic. Now imagine this virus starts to mutate and hijacks your Brain and your body and makes you do things you as any other human being would avoid. It would make you eat flesh and raw and not animals but human too. You might be sitting at home wondering what is this person writing all about. All that he has stated is fiction and would not be possible in today’s 21st Century. Although we have sufficient knowledge and with the help of programs such as Google can provide each other with relevant information. But science does not have all the pieces of the puzzle figured out about Humans and of our existence and other microorganisms.

You might think this guy is about to download some hoax story onto us. But this is a possibility at the rate we are progressing, and unearthing millions of years of extinct species remains. As I was saying earlier in South America some scientist was studying a gene of a Fungi called “Ophiocordyceps”. It is also known as a Zombi Ant Fungi. This Fungi infects and takes over an ants Brain and takes over their Nervous system. It makes the ants climb higher on Tress and plants and once it is high enough it dies. The fungi grow from the ant’s body and burst its self onto the other working or walking ants below. This is a terrifying thought and outcome if it comes in contact with humans.

Although we were taught Viruses cannot jump from animals to Humans and is rare, this transition is becoming a regular phenomenon. Currently, we have over 1 million people infected in the world with the Corona Virus-19 strain which had shown studies of being transmitted in Wuhan City of china from animals such as Bats to Humans. Although it’s not been direct its been via another animal as the middle link. Now imagine this Virus which infects the ants somehow gets transmitted to Humans while a few ants die, and they spray the virus springing out from their body on an unsuspecting animal or human passing from down below.

That night when the doctor sleeps the Virus multiplies within the scientist body, The Scientist feels very ill and is unable to recover with basic paracetamol and other over the shelf counter medication. The scientist now becomes extremely ill and is flown out of the Jungles into an Intensive Care Unit. The Scientists internal organs are shutting down and causing haemorrhage and internal bleeding at times. At moments he becomes normal and comes back to his senses but other times he starts screaming violently. They have to strap him down to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself and anyone else. His face and body start to wrinkle and get warts all over. His eyes slowly becoming blood red. He is under controlled atmosphere and in a closed locked contained room in the hospital. Doctors go in the room to meet him but at times he becomes uncontrollable and they have to leave the room immediately. On further research they find a fungus growing inside his brain and trying to hijack the endogenous neutral brain cells. He is Isolated and confined in the room.

The country sends out a team of experts in Hazmat suits to check his house and his lodge where he was staying. They also check the site of his research. They find the fungi ant and realize how he has been infected but on further research. They find a lot of droppings around his Lodge or cabin where he was staying. They find his clothes that were left there the night prior to his last expedition into the jungle before he got transported to the hospital. The samples are taken back to the Lab and researched. The new researchers find somehow our sick scientist has contracted a Virus from deer droppings called CWD or Chronic Waste Disease. Its is also known as a Prison disease. It hijacks your body and leaves you for dead like a log until you die. As there is no treatment for animals you cannot save humans who contract it.

Just then they realise the Scientist inside containment begins to convert. His head is twitching from right to left and he is trying to break free from his shackles but has been tied tight and strapped in. Just then they receive a report of 2 medics and 2 army men behaving violently and attacking his comrades at one of the Military posts near the Hospital. The scientist takes off into a chopper to the Military Base in South America. As they are about to land, they see the entire base is on fire and the soldiers are shooting around the entire base. It seems the virus has jumped from the Infected scientist to the medical personal who flew him in from the Jungles. Further one of medical personals was a Nurse and in love with a Lieutenant on the base. As they met two days earlier the virus jumped from her onto the Military personal.

Fast forward two days (Today) the Military personal is now behaving erratic and suddenly falls down in the middle of a training session. 30 of his colleagues rush over to him to take him to the medic. He begins to convulse and gets an attack. While they try to save him, he gets up from his state with blood dripping from his mouth and his eyes red. There is a fungal infection growing on his body. Small mushroom-like fungi grown from his skull. He begins to ooze out blood from his nose then his mouth. He is shifted in an ICU bed available in the facility. The Lieutenant jumps towards his girlfriend and starts clawing his teeth into her flesh. There is blood everywhere and it seems he has transformed into something else. He jumps from person to person biting them. The ones that have fallen also get up and begin to drag their body to find a host to feed on. They all are letting out savage roars like animals as they cannot speak. Their inability to control their muscles and their mind makes them more lethal like a raging bull.

In the meanwhile, the Virus is mutated in the original scientist who contracted the Virus. The Virus has now learnt to control the human brain and crave for hunger. It doesn’t understand being full or anything that a human does. Thus, we can rightfully state that the scientist has now become a Zombie. While the scientist tries to jump onto the people after breaking free from the strapped hospital bed in the confinement room. He rushes out and attacks a few people. He manages to tear out the artery of one of the doctors with his teeth and blood spilling everywhere while people are screaming in fear on what they have witnessed. The Zombie apocalypse is real, and it has arrived says the evening news to the rest of the world.

Informing them about the dead scientist and the others at the hospital and also at the Military base. All scientist from across the globe have begun to arrive. They have come to research on the virus, some sent by their supreme leaders and rest self-willing to save the human race. The hospital and the Army base is now quarantined, but every day a patient turns up as a new case. The US President and WHO declare war against the Virus. If anyone was to be found contracted with the virus was going to be shot dead as there is no cure. The virus had evolved and could transmit from a person to person now via jumping in the air within 2 feet of the patient.

Although it is contained there is no vaccine. Thus all the scientists return to their respective countries with a sample each to research. Little do they know that this virus on high altitude and slightest or air pressure gets reactivated. One of the scientists makes a mistake of looking at the vile containing the virus in an aeroplane returning home. There is a kid next to him and he accidentally nudges the scientist. The vile drops on the aeroplane carpet. The scientist quickly gets up and out of his seat to get the vile but as the plane was about to land with a few minutes. The vile is rolled to the other side of the plane. Some kid pics up the vile and as the Scientist screams the words “NO” Loudly. The vile has been opened.

The scientist runs towards the end of the plane in fear and locks himself into the bathroom. The kid is cuffing and he kneels down on the floor of the plane and slowly passes out. His mother and father scream for help franticly. A doctor on the plane tries to help and the air hostess. But by now the virus has learnt to navigate through the human body and explodes through the skull affecting many in the plane. The CWD, Chronic Waste disease is also known as the deer virus combines with the existing ant-virus and stabilizes within the human body and takes over all the cells.

The good news is body functions are scrambled which means they do not explode now but the bad news but grow and take over the entire human functions. The human body can move but we as an individual do not have any control over our selves. We become enslaved to the 2 Virus which have amalgamated to form one virus now called the CWDAV-1 or the “Chronic Waste Disease Ant Virus 1”. The entire hospital military base is infected in South America, and people are converting.

In the meanwhile, the pilot can hear some loud screams coming from the cabin area and decides to place his plan on autopilot and opens the cockpit door to see. To his horrid eyes, he can see blood spilt everywhere and everyone on the plane is dead. He locks the cockpit door and alerts his co-pilot to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport. The Scientist on the plane was from the US and was heading back to Washington. The plan has deviated to Nevada, Hiko Area 51. The plane is escorted by two fighter jets and lands in area 51 military base. The Pilot and co-pilot break open the front windshield and are extracted from the plane with the help of a crane.

The military base in South America is quarantined quickly and a wall is built to keep the infected inside until they figure out this virus, while in Area 51 they decide to burn the entire plane unaware the scientist who spilt the vile and caused this catastrophic situation is still alive and hiding at the end of the plane. They remove the fuel from the plan every last drop and let the tank dry out for a few hours. The Army realises blowing it up might not be feasible as might increase the chances of virus debris being contaminated.

A huge Furness is created to burn the plane in Area 51 and the plan is burnt to a metal sheet. Everything seems too good to be true to be going as plan and everything seems to be under control. But it could not go as planned, it doesn’t mean impossible as evolution is a process of genetic mutation made by mistake which over the years makes species of various forms and sizes which sometimes adapt to the surrounding and if more aggressive will try to take over the original host and create a new species by mutating itself.

But in reality, we know little about the strains of Virus Brewing under our noses in animals of Africa, South Africa, South America, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc.

Thus, we now need to protect our selves from such an outbreak or apocalypse. It is not going to be easy thus please read carefully on How to save yourself from a Zombie-like apocalypse else you are going to be part of the Zombie buffet once all hell breaks loose.

This part is about to save your life from the Zombies.

•             Try and get to a safe area away from people out of the city.

•             Make a survival kit and ensure you have enough sufficient things to carry on your back in case you have to ditch the car in traffic if all the roads are blocked out of the city.

•             In your survival kit, you will need non-perishable food items enough for at least a week.

•             Canned food and pasta are easy to carry and makeover basic stove which can have a mobile charger would be a plus point.

•             Carry a knife for cutting the can open and a few empty bottles for refilling water along the way, which you can fill through streams or taps if you find any outside abandoned houses.

•             Carry multiple masks with a carbon filter as you might end up spoiling the one you are wearing.

•             Carry dry fruits as it is full of nutrition and Minerals, which is essential for the energy in the first few months of your escape to a safe haven.

•             DO carry multivitamins and some other laxatives if you have stomach problems.

•             If you come across some Military don’t forget to stock up the MREF or the Military Ready to Eat Food packages as they are specifically made to boost the immunity of soldiers consisting of Vitamins, minerals and nutrition for an adult.

•             While at the military base collect sanitizing water pills which need to be dropped in water and let it clean it within minutes and make it drinkable. Another way to get clean water is by make a hole in a thermos or a bag and filling it with rocks, sand charcoal, sand and rocks, pour the water through it and it is considered clean but that is the last resort.

•             Make sure to carry a lighter, matches, Flashlight, batteries of all sizes at least 6 each, scissors, a nail cutter and some hygiene products like soap and toothpaste with a toothbrush.

•             Carry a gun which is small and light in case required to fend off the zombies, and practice to aim for their head and the heart and the spine as the main cause of function need to be destroyed, either of the three should work try all if needed. Also, try to get your hands on a 12gauge shotgun to shoot them at a distance. Make sure to carry sufficient bullets, we cannot put a figure to the number of zombies that are going to attack you.

•             Try and find a safe haven space now a response zone created by the government or Army for the uninfected, they usually call them safe zones in movies.

•             Collect as much food as you can from the safety Zone and try and escape to up-north of Himalayas. Here the Zombies won’t be able to reach you unless its summer when the snow melts but by then the bodies would have been eaten from inside by the bacteria and other small infestations of earth. The bodies of the zombies will be devoured from inside out and the only thing left will be the bones. You just need to wait it out and continue to gather all the survivors and send out SOS radio signals and get people to your Safe haven now.

Humanity is in your hand now. May Gob be with you. God Speed.

Thank You for Reading this fictional scenario, we pray it never comes to this and we all live happily ever after.

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