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BMW 520D, Limited Edition Upgrade, with Carbon Fiber.

·      BMW 520D,

·      Colour: Metallic Grey,

·      69500 Km only

·      White headlights with fire rings,

·      Alcantara styled Steering,

·      Carbon fibre interior attachments,

·      Black 5 Spoke alloys,

·      Silver upgraded air-conditioning knobs,

·      Blue upgraded start-stop button,

·      Harmon Kardon inspired,

·      New I-drive knob,

·      Carbon fibre Door locks,

·      Carbon fibre on AC vents on upper dash,

·      Blue covers to protect seat belt locks,

·      Blue calliper painted.

·      Tyre air filler logo cap installed

·      Blue wheel nut covers, not installed, new will be
handed over

·      Recently upgraded New battery,

·      Scratch less gleaming paint,

·      All breaks changed new.

·      Wipers new and water system cleaned,

·      Service done on 9th Jan 2020,

·      Break Oil changed, Oil Filter, AC Filter, Diesel
Filter, Air Filter changed.

·      Liqui-moly Ceratec added in Engine, and Liqui-Moly Engine performance enhancer.

·      Liqui-moly Fuel efficiency improver Added.

·      Standard:
Auto Adjustable headrest on front seats,
2 keys available,
Car is insured, and Valid.
RC available,
Owners: 2nd,
Big Sunroof,

·      Interior and exterior Meguire Product cleaning
on delivery.

Price: 10.99/- Lakh Only

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