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How to Survive the Zombie apocalypse and save the world.

Do you think Zombies are fiction and things we see only in movies and Television shows or on YouTube. What I am about to tell you might scare you a little and if you have a weak heart I think you should refrain now from reading further. Our world has been more connected than ever, just like it was during World War I. People travelled all over the world but most of us were at war when the Spanish flu broke out. It was almost impossible to contain the flu and humanity had almost lost. 1/4th of the population was wiped out during this pandemic. Now imagine this virus starts to mutate and hijacks your Brain and your body and makes you do things you as any other human being would avoid. It would make you eat flesh and raw and not animals but human too. You might be sitting at home wondering what is this person writing all about. All that he has stated is fiction and would not be possible in today’s 21st Century. Although we have sufficient knowledge and with the help of programs such as Google can provide each other with relevant information. But science does not have all the pieces of the puzzle figured out about Humans and of our existence and other microorganisms.

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Different kinds of apocalypse and how to survive.

The word apocalypse means revealing of a disastrous situation. It is derived from the Greek word, Apokálypsis, which means “finding out something secret “or “lifting of the veil”. In every religion, the word is replaced as Armageddon or the end of the world. One might think in our current state of confinement such words are meant to be used in a film or a novel and not in the 21st Century as we have best of the Technologies to tackle any form of apocalypse, but many a time the Human Race has been threatened on Earth by a parasite, a Virus, a natural calamity or event due to our own negligence on saving our planet to save ourselves. The greed for money is leading to the destruction of the planet at ginormous rates and the same once surpassed the tipping point will never be able to bring it back to its original glory. It may be fiction, but Hollywood brings out the deepest and Darkest thoughts and ways to destroy the Earth and the Human race. The Earth is always at a Threat because of the intertwining and socializing of the human race and the greed to strive for more. If one won’t do it there will always be another regardless of the right or wrong putting the world in danger and the extinction of the Human Race along with it. I have collated and researched some of the worst apocalypses to affect Human history and measures to be taken to safeguard one’s self and their surroundings

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